A Man who tells the truth should be locked up

In this society of today we tend to allow the freedom of speech when it suits a certain category of people, for instance if we criticise Islam Muslims Arabs blacks, and others it’s allowed under the pretext of freedom of speech but the same won’t apply if we ought to criticise the fascist regime of Israel.

Under the flag of anti-Semitism they will pull for the slightest criticism of Jews or Israel particularly Israel, the irony to this is that they even accuse Arabs and others of the Semitic origins of being anti-Semitic.

The truth is, they are not even of a Semitic origin themselves, so anyone who dares to speak out against the atrocities committed on a daily basis by the fascist racist state of Israel is quickly been silenced by the ADL or JDL.

This article describes most of the points and clarifies the ambiguity that is surrounding the Jewish myth and the Jewish state “Israel”


We have the strongest evidence, then, from historic and linguistic sources, that the Ashkenazi-Khazarian population of Eastern Europe, (the source of most of the people that call themselves “Jews” but are not), if not 100 percent Gentile before the mid-17th Century, were very near to it.

For a very long time now, the elders of this group of so-called “Jews” have been telling the children to marry into the gentile people in order to soften or delete the facial features; this has been happening for a very long time in order to “infiltrate” the gentile without much notice of what they really are – controlling Khazars at heart.

With this in mind, the Jewish claim that all of Eastern Europe contains at least some of the blood of Abraham becomes spurious; the crudest attempt to preserve the Askenazim from being as “Gentile” as the verdict of history decrees them to be. Rejecting history, Khazar-Jewish scholars scramble for even the smallest claim to the patrimony of Abraham, since it is essential not only to the “self-esteem” of Eastern European “Jewry,” but to legitimize the present Jewish claim to Palestine – a claim which has been most insistently made by those of Khazar origin.

The most any Eastern European “Jew” can claim with confidence is that his forefathers were converted to Judaism out of Paganism. The story of the Khazar Empire, as it slowly emerges from the past, begins to look like the most cruel hoax which history has ever perpetrated.

Yet if this black joke is on the Jews, it is almost as much on American fundamentalists. Most Jewish settlers in Palestine during the first half of this century were Ashkenazim. Yet Christians have defended them as “God’s chosen people” hogwash, whose zeal in expropriating the native Palestinians they viewed as the laudable predestined role of regaining the land promised to their fore fathers.

The truth is, the majority of these Jews who pioneered Palestine, high-handedly expelling Arabs from their homes were no more the descendants of Abraham.
While Christians have totally accepted the racial and territorial claims of the Ashkenazim, it is intriguing that most of their fellow Israelites, the Sephardic, and Oriental Jews, have not.

In modern Israel there is a racial memory which persists a primal resentment of those aggressive, red-haired Jews from the north. In fact, antipathy between Ashkenazi and Sephardic-Oriental is so intense that it is an exception if they intermarry; racial slurs, discrimination, and even violence between them is increasingly common. Nevertheless, both Jews and U.S. Evangelicals are reluctant to accept the historic, racial basis from such aversion, preferring to believe all Jews are, by definition, the children of Abraham.

What is the spiritual and prophetic significance of the inbreeding of the Khazars into the stem of Judah? Does it threaten the Biblical promise of God’s ultimate restoration of the Jewish nation?

Consider, for example, the Sephardic Jew the Jew most likely to inherit the actual genes of Abraham. Although we would like to believe he is untainted by Gentile admixture, again, the evidence suggests otherwise.

Why is it that Jews living in Holland, Morocco, Italy or Turkey often resemble the inhabitants of their host country more than Jews living in other parts of the world?

It is because, despite Rabbinic scriptures, Jews have intermarried with their host nations during the dispersion, just as they did in biblical times. During the past two thousand years, the beautiful daughters of Rebekah have been seduced or wooed by Gentile men. Jewish boys covet fair-haired, blue-eyed gentile girls. Today in America 40 percent of Jewish young men marry outside their race.

Is this only a recent phenomena? Of course not.

 Intermarriage of such magnitude is indeed not unique to our time, but not the fact of intermarriage in Israel an indulgence by peasant or potentate from the beginning.


Just as there arc two different parts of Christianity, Catholic and Protestant, which have fought bitterly during the history of the world, there are likewise two parts of what is known as Judaism, the Orthodox Jewish Religion, and the Zionist Judaism by the Politics of Race.

The Zionist Judaism today is not only made up of Kharzars/Jews but you will also find so-called Christians supporting their cause. Our government, Senate, House of Representative and Presidency is almost 100% Zionist/Kharzar. controlled that is why we are having some outrageous Zionist slanted laws pasted by these people that we have put in power with our vote of trust, so they could stab us in the back.

This is how some people such as former President Wilson and the Rev. Jerry Falwell could claim to be both Zionists and Christians.

That sounds like a warped mine or double jeopardy.

source: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_zion34.htm


4 thoughts on “A Man who tells the truth should be locked up

  1. Interesting article, very true, although the Zionist machine will do everything in its power to either deny it or trivialise it, “as usual”.
    It is a well written article and pointed out many key points of history.
    Well done.

    • I second that it is extremely uneasy for some to face the truth to admit that we’ve been lied to for years and decades, i do agree with the article, I read other books that explains in much more details the whole charade of the European Jewry, their real intentions, however we need to bear in mind, that among these Jews we have a big population of genuine nice people who are devout Jews, and very truthful to their religion and belief they themselves reject the Zionist ideology, the existence of the state of Israel, while others partially support the state of Israel, as in two states proposal.
      Despite the very fact that their religion the Torah strictly forbids it, if you grab the Torah and read it, you will find it is an essential part of the belief of the Jewish people.
      Now how can anyone claim to be Jewish if he is an Atheist ?
      You are either a Jew or an Atheist, it’s like saying I am an Atheist Christian it’s a dumb joke lol
      What makes a Jew, a Jew? It’s the fact he or she follows the teachings of the Torah so if you are coming out as an atheist you can’t possibly claim anything.

      And even if they were Jews that won’t entitle them to any land, The Hebrews (Jews) who were in Palestine can at least claim their land but that doesn’t mean those who are there are not the indigenous.
      They were indigenous and some of them, are Muslims, some are Jews, some are Christians others are faithless.
      So the religion doesn’t entitle anyone for a land, in this case every Muslim on the face of the earth should claim a piece of land in Saudi Arabia which is insane lol.
      The Khazarian Jews are not Semites.

      • I could not agree more with your comment, I have absolutely nothing against the Jewish people, I believe they are just framed by the Zionists, some sadly believe the myth that Zionism is part of Judaism while in fact it has nothing to do with it.
        But as you rightly put it, Jews are just human beings like all of us going on by their lives, unfortunately many call themselves Jews and do things in the name of “The Jews” if things ever turn bad, the blame will again fall on the Jews.
        Look out many many Jews are exposing Zionism, rejecting Zionism and Israel, they know it’s their biggest enemy.
        I hope people will wake up and face up to the truth, as I said in my above comment, there are many many points to address, but unfortunately I am so restricted with time.
        And you are absolutely correct, The Khazar Jews are not Semite, and Jewishness is not a race either.
        Although they are trying to fool the world with this notion and false studies claiming that they all share the same DNA of course we all share something as a human race.
        How can they be a race, while they are white blue eyed, with others who are dark skinned dark hair brown eyes, and other who are black ? How can they ethnically be the same, do you really DNA to tell you this?
        It’s like saying a European Christian and an African Christian share the same gene or DNA?
        Yes we all something as a human race but we are divided into regions and ethnic groups.
        My point is that Jewishness is not a race, the reason why they’re saying this blatant lie is because if they’re not ethnically close to the real Hebrews who lived in Palestine for centuries it means they are admitting it’s not their land.
        Thanks for your comment.

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